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    Persistent Announces Acquisition of Data Glove and Launches New Microsoft Business Unit with Focus on Azure Cloud

    Q1(Jan-Feb-Mar), 2022

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    CSS Corp to Open 100 Jobs Positions in Costa Rica for Enterprise Tech Support.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

EIIR Buyer GIC/R&D Best Practices/Solutions

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    ?Intel?s operations in the United States, Costa Rica and India are officially net positive on water use. In those countries, Intel restores and returns more freshwater than it takes in.

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2022

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    Intel Costa Rica increases investment to $600 million and triples the number of announced jobs

    Q3(Jul-Aug-Sep), 2021

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    Intel is another example with an investment of $350 million in Costa Rica to revamp testing and assembly operations.

    Q4(Oct-Nov-Dec), 2020

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    Liberty Latin America to acquire Telefonica Costa Rica.



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